100,000 Gallon Well Water Tanks

Nominal Capacity: 97,148-Gallons

Model: Pioneer Water Tanks XLE 50/03

Diameter: 39′ 6″

Tank Wall Height: 10′ 7″

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    Capacity of Water Tank


    100,000-Gallon Water Storage Tanks Ready for Onsite Delivery and Installation

    Engineered 100,000-gallon water storage tanks are ready for commercial applications. The three-ring XLE 50/03 Pioneer Water Tank model increases capacity with tank wall height instead of a wider diameter. The higher tank wall height is accomplished with thickening the first and second tank wall rings for durable strength. The roof truss system for this tank model is also strengthened along with having more roof trusses as compared to the other standard tank models.

    AQUALINER® Fresh Tank Liner


    Includes the Pioneer Water Tanks’ exclusive tank liner, the AQUALINER® Fresh. BPA-free and NSF-61 certified for drinking water storage, the AQUALINER® Fresh is designed to keep water fresh and clean for longer.

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    ZINCALUME® Steel Tank Body


    Pioneer Water Tanks are manufactured with ZINCALUME® Steel for unmatched corrosion resistance and durable strength. ZINCALUME® steel contains a duplex coating, an alloying of metals with different corrosive properties that offer barrier protection that protects the underlying steel without sacrifice.

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    Pioneer Water Tanks come standard with the following features. Our water storage tanks can be configured with additional options for residential and commercial projects.

    20-Year Conditional Warranty

    Includes our 20–year conditional warranty on the tank and liner.

    Access Hatch and Ladder

    Lockable access hatch and removable galvanized steel ladder.

    Pioneer Water Tanks outlet standard

    Standard Polyethylene Outlet

    The standard outlet comes with a two-inch diameter outlet and a ball valve.

    Well water tank overflow

    6-Inch Overflow Drainage Pipe

    PVC drainage pipe with a flapper valve to channel excess water away.

    Sacrificial Magnesium Anodes

    One set of anodes for additional corrosion protection through electrolysis.

    Removable Basket Filter for Roof

    One 1,000-count food-grade nylon filter basket with lid is included.

    Geotextile Protection

    Commercial grade geotextile protection for underneath your water tank.

    Super Seal for Tank Body

    Seal goes in between the tank roof and body to prevent contamination.

    AQUALINER® Fresh Tank Liner

    The AQUALINER® Fresh tank liner is standard with the option of an Industratex®.

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      Tank Code

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      11′ 0″


      15′ 5″


      19′ 9″


      22′ 0″


      26′ 4″


      30′ 9″


      35′ 2″


      39′ 6″


      39′ 6″

      Custom Sizes

      Designed to Project

      100,000-Gallon Fire Protection Water Tank

      Watermark H2O Rainwater Harvesting designed and installed an XLE 50/03 Pioneer Water Tank for Extron Electronics. This fire
      protection system was required by Orange County for fire flow.

      The commercial fire protection system was installed on-site in two days with a proprietary jacking system. The system was installed in November 2018 with a 100,000 gallon effective capacity for fire protection.